About us
Our school
Our school is situated in the middle of Pičín village.
The school building was based l65 years ago.
Originally there were of about 325 pupils, but for this time there are 34 pupils devided into 3 classes.
The whole building is surrounded by a small garden with a small playground for basketball, flowers, grass and trees.
We work as a lawyer subject from 1. 1. 2001.
The schoolstaff
Headmaster:    Mgr. J. Vokurková
Teachers:    Mgr. T. Pastuchová, B. Holovková
Schoolmistress:    S. Těhlová
Program of education
The Basic school
Foreign language - English - 3 lessons in a week
Cooperative organs
Parent´s council
Municipality office
Afterschool activities
Our teachers, parents and specialists lead our aftreschool activities. We choose them according the pupilœ interest and for to help them with the educational process.

English courses

Take part for all the children from 7 to 1O years. We play together, sing ,dance , draw and so on.

Cooking courses

Pupils like them very much, they learn how to behave , how to set the table, various types of cold meal and salads and some simple meals too

Computer courses

Take parts every week for all the students. Our children learn here the basic steps, computer games, drawing, teaching programs four Czech language, math and so on.


According our possibility we play baskeball, outdooor games, swimming, skating, bobsleighing/ during winter we have got nice snowy suurrounding/ and especially skiing. Once a year our whole school visit Jizerské mountain to learn to ski and to spend a week on the mountains. Again we travel all from our school from the l.st .to the 5.th. class. We are very proud, when our pupils after finishing the school attendance in Pičín can ski and behave in a good manner. Thanks to our teacher and our parents who help us with this activity too, we have got very good results.

Football team, Mc.Donald Cup, football activity

Every year in spring we take part in Mc.Donald cup, because we are a few classes school, our team consists of boys and girls too. We are not usually winners, but all in our school are the right fans and we needn´t to win, we like this atmosphere and sport too.

Music movies

Take place every week, always with classic or modern music. Our pupils dance, learn how to express their emotion, humour, temper. Boys and girls are together and these courses are connected with singing too. Our chorus regularly sing before Christmas time in our church, it means St. Maryœ church in Pičín which was based by the Knights of Maltesian Order.

The courses of making bobbing -lace

We are very proud of this course because we made herdula ourselves for processing it and even boys try to manufacture various types of pictures.

Table tennis

For this time we are just starting to train it , we managed a new table and have found a trainer for this course.

Our performances and festival occasions

Thereœ a tradition for our school to performe before Christmas time in our village parade, we sing the songs, carols, recite the poems, do gymnastic and so on. You can see these our activities on video.

Česky      ZŠ Pičín, č. 23, okres Příbram, 262 25 Pičín     tel: 0306/25723     zspicin@volny.cze-mail